Chatwing's Latest Chat Box in Runescape Community

The runescape community will become an overactive place with Chatwing's latest website chat box, which is an adaptable and dynamic tool launched by chatwing Dev team. The chat tool is simple but multi-functional, and can provide a bridge of communication for many players through blogs and websites.

There are many things to talk about in runescape, as new players are always looking for ways on how to farm gold with their runescape account through an easy way. They need help from professional RS players with Chatwing's free shout box, while those runescape players who owe high runescape accounts can share their experience of gathering equipments, riches, items and how to sell runescape accounts across the realm.

The Chatwing chat app allows social media integration, such as twitter and facebook. Runescape blogging is enough stable to become a niche. Famous topics concentrated on RS are avoiding killers, leveling tips, farming tips, old and participating with runescape accounts in events. Chatwing's free chat box can be installed in any Runescape blog because it operates on a simple platform. It takes only few seconds to install a Chatwing shout box in average, depending on the preferences of the user. Chatwing also allows the user to select from three styles: shout box, pop-up window, or direct link function.

There is another feature—direct link option, which allows RS users to create their usernames for private group chats. This kind of feature is still gathering so much popularity online so far.

Thousands of people from all over the world are registering in the game and planning to engage in gold-hoarding, adventuring, and dungeon exploration. So, runescape players can have a better experience by Chatwing's latest chat box. Chatwing believes that a reliable chat application is necessary to help all runescape players connect with each other.

Chatwing's simple features were never crafted overnight, so the developer team worked hard in experimenting with pseudo-features just for creating a free chat box that can serve everyone with highly efficiency. The previous versions of the Chatwing chat app were introduced in blogging communities and though the versions received positive reviews, Chatwing developer team decided to push the bar higher. They plan to improve the game user capacity of the chat app up to 1000. The user influx of Chatwing chat room has doubled with this upgrade.

BBGs or browser-based gaming has been a major part of Chatwing's strategic plan. The Chatwing team has indicated that lots of RS players will need a simple way to communicate and express their personal ideas. In order to keep the Chatwing chat box stable, the developer team would create a series of maintenance checks. In the coming months, Chatwing will go full-scale and introduce more and more features to the Runescape community.


SC2 and D3 of Blizzard Entertainment in my heart(3)

Forwards: Some people, and more than a few hold that Blizzard's decline began in SC2 (Starcraft 2). And D3 (Diablo 3) is labeled as a sieve at those days. It was bluntly said that D3 is even worse than SC2 , because the SC2 claims that it is the 3D version of the SC at least ,but D3 can not do. What a pity about the words" even not as good as" . I maintain a cry for SC2. In my heart, I do not think SC2 is not as good as D3.

The buyers all like cheap items as they always want to pay the least money to buy the best goods both in the game and in reality. But the sellers can not give away to them. What  the sellers pursue is to make players feel they are the winners while the sells are the losers. They have to do some promotions that make the customer feel cheap but actually not really cheap at all, such as by using some discounts of something like that. So do the players in gaming. They also need game  guides. You have to make the players feel worthwhile after their hardships and great efforts in game playing. Last time I have said that the players actually do not know what kind of game they want. They just play games for fun and they only play fun games. To some degree, players are not only players .they are developers as well. They know how to play the game ,and to judge whether the game is fun or not, but they don’t know how to make it more fun when they are playing the game. If players can make the game more fun , then they become the developers.

Recently, DOTA2 gradually surpass LOL in America, because All star players of DOTA finally take simple LOL as granted . They are tired of the easy LOL, and they want to challenge themselves. It is ridiculous, and thoughtfully a big joke. If it is the lower half of the reincarnation of difficulty, even though accumulated enough audience by simplifying the game, the foundation of the old game is still possible to return to the stage of difficulty. So I'm looking forward to the coming back of HOTS (Heart of the Swarm).
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SC2 and D3 of Blizzard Entertainment in my heart(2)

Forwards: Some people, and more than a few hold that Blizzard's decline began in SC2 (Starcraft 2). And D3 (Diablo 3) is labeled as a sieve at those days. It was bluntly said that D3 is even worse than SC2 , because the SC2 claims that it is the 3D version of the SC at least ,but D3 can not do. What a pity about the words" even not as good as" . I maintain a cry for SC2. In my heart, I do not think SC2 is not as good as D3.

Now let’s come to the reason of Blizzard’s decline. SC2 of the War, based on the RTS overall decline, but also because of battle.net. Said earlier that Blizzard Blizzard was established in 1995.18 years, many has been changed .The battle net connectivity spread globally to every country (except China). RTS is nothing more than difficult. Entry in the game is difficult, and to play good is even more harder. SC2 directly took part in the battle. net, different to union .com. to let new players go out. Nobody wants such a shame. But when it comes to the replacement of MOBA, it is nothing more than easy. It’s easy to be familiar with the game by just following others. LOL attracts a large number of female players for its easy entry. They are very little associated with PC games, rejected by its difficulty of SC2 but attracted by the easy entry of LOL .In turn, they affect more other players. Some RTS players lamented that from Dota to LOL, years countercurrent into the river while the player is getting stupid.
Stupid is not the fact, the truth is that they become lazier than ever. The wide spread network has overwhelmed their minds and they are reluctant to solve a problem on their own. Once they are confronted with a problem, other than think about it themselves, they are more likely to turn to the Internet  as the world wide internet contains almost every aspect of our daily life. The situation can be good or bad , I think. Internet constantly devours people's ability to think independently, as a result, many complex and large maze games have disappeared. Life is getting more and more difficult while the game is getting more and more easy with time going on. The players do not apply the games to enhance their accomplishment and cultivate their minds. In their minds, they should be content with what they want. That is to say, the game should offer whatever the players want to win their support.. That totally indicates the old saying ,customer is the God.
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SC2 and D3 of Blizzard Entertainment in my heart (1)

Forwards: Some people, and more than a few hold that Blizzard's decline began in SC2 (Starcraft 2). And D3 (Diablo 3) is labeled as a sieve at those days. It was bluntly said that D3 is even worse than SC2 , because the SC2 claims that it is the 3D version of the SC at least ,but D3 can not do. What a pity about the words" even not as good as" . I maintain a cry for SC2. In my heart, I do not think SC2 is not as good as D3.

SC2 and D3 are fundamentally different. The sale of SC2 is a failure at the very beginning while D3 win a lot of fans at its releasing. When SC2 was released, few people support it, but it is on the contrary to D3. At the release of D3 , it won many players at once. But D2 diehard spray D3 for a very long time. Actually indeed, D3 really screw up its MF system, resulting endgame mess; SC diehard black SC2, because the SC2 to establish their own style and self-contained very well. In other words, in the quality of the game itself, SC2 is ,instead of Waterloo, but the mainstay of the orthodox RTS (Real Time Strategy Real Time Strategy) games and so far the most successful game, with a sale close to 10 million units. The most recent years, only SC2 obtained such a success. This sequel is a true outcome of high quality made by Blizzard, even a lot of players think it is entirely beyond its predecessor in the Battle of SC2. It embodied the traditional uncompromised of Blizzard, that is not bow to the now popular MOBA (Multi Online Battle Arena Multiplayer Online Battle athletics), and adhere to the orthodoxy of RTS. SC2 shareholders may temporarily feel sorry, but fully the game is worthy of the old players’ attention.

Few years ago, when I was still a high school student, the best part of my after school time was playing Online Games .I also played world of warcraft as well. World of warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role play game (MMORPG) developed by Blizzard Entertainment .In these MMORPGs, players across the internet gathers and role play as powerful magicians or fearless warriors in this virtual world. Although virtual achievements were not real, the experience of working together to defeat malicious monsters was invaluable. However, as I grew and progress in these games, I’ve noticed that something went different. And I think the main reason is that all players want to be on the top as they do in reality.
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To be continued...


Escaping loss but Safe to play MMORPGs in farmer100

MMORPG, massively multiplayer online role-playing game, as all known is very popular through the world. Playing MMOs & MMORPGs can be a lot of fun, and very addictive. Playing these games can be a big investment. Plenty of your spare time contributes to a game and sometimes you may choose an online shop for some needed in-game items. So safety is the most concerns we should take care. What if the account is taken away?

Once, one of my friends played world of warcraft day and night for two month as a Shaman. The account was rather valuable for he invested so much time playing and much real money to enrich his account. But it was sadly taken away by some person and never got back. What a big loss!

Risks always exist as the Internet becomes so general. What we can do to protect ourselves is to be more cautious.

Use different email for different accounts maybe help, no matter what account it is. When registering an account for a new MMO, you’d better not sign up with the same email you use for general internet use. Create a brand new email account and only use it for that specific game instead. It is better for the safety if you never use this email to sign up for anything else at all. You may consider it is unnecessary to use an email for only an account. Well, it is truly an added security measure for your game account.

To keep your information secret is obvious one should do and take it seriously to ensure the safety. I recommend never share your account details with anyone else, both friends and family. Basically, the person you are entrusting may not value your account details as you do. Don’t take the risk.

Passwords work in the safe issues. Keep the passwords somewhat complex but easy for you to remember. So other can’t crack your code too easy and you won’t meet the risk of forgetting the code. As with the email, passwords should differ from each other.

In case account information forgotten, you can write your account information on a paper and put it a safe place in your home. No one has the access to it but you.

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Talk about useful world of warcraft Cheat in farmer100

Do you like playing World of Warcraft, too? I do like it very much and play it for a long time now. I like to gain some advantage over other users, so using some world of warcraft cheats is necessary for my playing.

Now let’s talk about world of warcraft cheats in farmer100. One of my favorite cheats is the World of Warcraft Dupe Cheat, which lets you dupe any amount of gold or armor in the game. It has been updated to work with the Burning Crusader expansion pack. You know that several World of Warcraft cheats are nothing but scams, but a few of them are quite real. They are here to help you become one of the best or richest players on your server.

Speed Hack is one of the most popular cheat in any game. It is easily for you to gain level with this cheat. Why? Your speed can get improved 100 times faster. Using this one, no one can catch or touch you because you are moving too fast. It seems that you are invisible to them. This is a cheat no one can go without. I like it very much.
Unlimited HP. with this cheap someone can easily solo dungeons and gain epics.
Level 1-10 instantly. We everyone knows that it is so annoying and boring in the early stages of the game. So this method allows skipping them by instantly getting to level 10!

Auto-Leveler. This one will help you level up at any time and no matter where you are and what you are doing. This means while you sleep, eat or go out it will continue to level your role and gain levels and gold within your wow account. It's 100% automated so quite useful.

Unlimited People in BG. This cheat allows you to have unlimited amount of friends in the same BG. It could annoy the other fraction, but it's very fun to use.

Don’t be that kind of gamer that hear about a cheat, hack or exploit, weeks or maybe months after hundreds of other people have already benefited from them. And then when it comes to your turn to use it, those exploits can’t bring you much benefit any more.


RuneScape Dungeoneering Training

RuneScape is a very famous MMORP games. Many players are puzzled how to train their skill and make money. Today I’d like to share my experience on RuneScape Dungeoneering training. Hope it can be useful to you.

You can delve underground in the dungeons on the wilderness Peninsula by using dungeoneering skill. Runescape allows you to access higher leveled dungeons as your Dungeoneering level progresses. Dungeoneering is a skill consists of exploring the dungeons of fighting monsters and bosses, and it is very dependent on other skills. It is trained entirely within the dungeons of Daemonheim, which separates the skill’s training from the rest of Gielinor. You can train Dungeoneering past level 99 up to level 120. If you reached level 120, you can have over 104 million experiences. Training Dungeoneering is heavily dependent on other skills trained outside of Daemonheim.

If you want to train Dungeoneering, you need travel to Daemonheim which is located at near level 11 wideness. You can take the ferry from either northwest of the Al Kharid bank, or southwest of the Taverley bank to the port on the eastern side of Daemonheim. After you arriving Daemonheim, speak to the Dungeoneering tutor. The tutor will give you a Ring of Kinship, and he will also share some information to help you. Before you can enter Daemonheim, you need to bank all your items. So you need to speak to the Fremannik banker standing in front of the castle. When you enter the Daemonheim castle, you’d better to wear your Ring of Kinship. Here, you can form a party which can contain up to 5 players. The party can be created by select the ‘Form Party’ option on the Ring of Kinship. And you need to get players to join your party. When it has been formed, you can climb down the dungeon ladder. You will find yourself in a room with various decorations and objects if you have climbed down. There are various kinds of food and equipment lying around. Take whatever you need, and equip any of the weapons or armor you find. Then, you can enter the dungeon rooms through any of the doors. You need to be careful for monsters will attack you. If you find some items that monsters have dropped, don’t hesitate to pick them up. The size of your party affects the number of rooms you will have to walk through. You need to continue through the rest of the catacomb-like dungeon and not to escape from a battle. Be sure to fight all the monsters you can, and once you defeat the boss monster, you can climb up the ladder at the end of the room to finish the raid.

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